Twin Cities MS150 Bike Ride – Specialized Bicycles Demo Event

Erik’s Bike Shop and Specialized Bicycles offered all Bike MS: C.H. Robinson MS150 Bike registered riders the opportunity to use a Specialized Demo Bike for the ride on Sat. June 12 and Sun. June 13, 2010. The Demo Trailers, stocked with 2010 men’s and women’s bikes, were on site for the entire ride – offering registered riders the opportunity to try out a new ride – for one day of the ride.

Comments from people who rode a demo Specialized bike during the MS150:

“Thank you for the opportunity to demo the S-Works Amira during the first day of the MS150. I was most impressed by how the bike fit me immediately after the seat was adjusted. Amazing!

I have been goofing around with my existing bike for years and still have not found a good a fit as with the Amira – and in just a few minutes. It seems Specialized has truly design a bike meant to fit a woman’s frame.” Wendy H.

“Thanks for providing me a wonderful opportunity to ride a “high-test” bike. It made my 75 mile ride on Sunday that much more enjoyable and interesting. I had never been on an all-carbon bike before. So compared to my current ride, I could really feel the difference. It was a great bike to ride and I appreciate having had the experience.” Steve E.

“I LOVED the Amira, wow! What a sweet ride, I flew like the wind!” Tess H.

“Thanks for talking me into talking a test ride on the road bike–it was great. You and folks from Specialized were very accommodating. People had told me the road bikes put you in a better riding position for long rides, and they were right! Of course, I now want to purchase a new bike.” Jamie

“The MS150 bike ride went very well. I rode the Tarmac Comp both days and was very pleased with the performance. The first day of the ride I switched my Rockhopper in for the Tarmac. Not one person passed me the entire first day of the ride. I’m aware this event isn’t a race but it is a great example of how much faster a nice road bike can make an average person. The bike is feather light which makes it easy to accelerate in a high gear. I will attend more of the Specialized demo events and am now considering purchasing a road bike after being able to demo the Tarmac Comp.” Brian B.

“My impressions of the Tarmac: the frame was stiffer than my 5200 and really felt quick on climbs, or out of the saddle jumps, at the same time, the frame soaked up the road bumps well. The SRAM shifting took a little getting used to but worked flawlessly. The saddle was very comfortable. The handling was quick, Erik warned me that some riders felt it was too twitchy, but I like that feel, I have the same geometry/feel in my Fisher mountain bike. And… the bike was quick. I think we sailed to the first rest stop at about 21 mph. It was hard to gauge as we didn’t have our trusty bike computers, but I can say, nobody passed us. We pulled a group, including a “kid” on a tri bike a fair part of the way from Northfield to Hugo. It was wild.” Jeff I.

“The bike was awesome. It was really nimble and especially great on a ride like the 150 where big groups don’t say well organized. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a mid level racing bike. Thanks again.” John N.

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