Adult Learn to Ride Course

Learn to ride a bicycle with Erik’s Adult Learn to Ride Course. Our friendly instructors will help you develop confidence and teach you the skills needed to ride a bicycle, in a safe non intimidating setting. We will supply bicycles and helmets for all participants for use during the class.

2 Day Course
Tues. Aug. 3 – Wed. Aug. 4 | 6-8pm
Veteran’s Memorial Park in Richfield, MN
A bike and helmet will be provided for each participant.
Cost: $75

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Comment from a past participant:
“I really enjoyed the learn to ride class and actually learned to ride. I was surprised by how easy our instructors made the experience. They were very supportive and I am really grateful for their help in learning how to
ride. This was a great service and I’m glad that Erik’s decided to have a class like this. I’m not sure how I would have learned to ride otherwise.”

This class will cover:

-Bike Safety and Helmet fitting
-Braking, slowing and stopping
-Balance and Stopping
-Pedaling and Stopping
-Bike safety on a trail or path

Please bring with you:
1. Athletic clothing
2. Water, snack
3. Sunscreen
4. Gloves

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