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Topic #1: Lets Start with the Feet

The Importance of Proper Foot Support
Stabilizing the foot in the shoe is perhaps the most important step towards achieving an efficient, powerful and viable position. The best solution to ensure good stability is proper foot support, achieved using footbeds.

Developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt, the Specialized Body Geometry Footbed System, or BG Insoles, improves efficiency, increases comfort and reduces potential injury by combining our advanced insoles with varus/valgus wedge shims that allow customized cant angles. This system allows any rider to achieve optimum foot-knee-hip alignment and attain a customized fit from their cycling shoes. BG Insoles come in three levels of arch support to fit a wide variety of riders. There are some important things to consider about BG insoles.

1. These insoles were developed specifically for the dynamic loads that cycling puts on the foot. Therefore the arch support is further forward than in footwear developed for walking or running. The arch placement may feel different at first, but usually after a ride or two feels completely natural.

2. When we walk or run our foot acts like a spring compressing and rebounding and returning the energy. In cycling because of the nature of the pedal stroke our foot acts like it is walking and running but our body is locked in to a more static position the result is as the foot compresses the knee moves laterally in an unnatural motion that could potentially lead to pain or injury.

3. BG insoles can work in just about every cycling shoe, and we generally see improved biomechanics with them. Most customers find significant comfort gains, and when compared to custom it’s possible to set up multiple pars of shoes at a significantly lower cost.

4. BG insoles are made to fit the majority of feet. But we occasionally find a rider may need a different option. Weather it is a custom orthotic or a custom fit shoe our goal is to find the best option for every rider.

Medically tested Body Geometry footbeds were co-developed with Andy Pruitt, Director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, to enable a semi-custom fit that improves efficiency, increases comfort and reduces potential injury.

Specialized High Performance BG Footbeds are available at every Erik’s Bike Shop.

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