All Longboards and Bern Helmets on sale at Erik’s Bike Shop – 10% off!

Bike Jam Sale at Erik's Bike Shop

Just in time for you to get out and enjoy your summer vacation and save some Dollars at the same time, we are featuring all Longboards are on sale in our current Bike Jam sale (ends July 31st). And because we care about your noggin, how about we throw Bern Helmets, Longboard Gloves and Youth Pad Sets on sale at the same time! With 10% off these entire categories (and Free Shipping for online purchases on virtually all these goodies) you can save your precious pennies and still get out and enjoy the beautiful summer on a new longboard. Here at Erik’s we have a huge selection of Longboards for you to choose from, and we are regularly bringing in new models and designs to keep the selection fresh. Check out some of these awesome Brands we carry:

And here are some new models we are excited to be carrying:

Northern Pine Drumlin LongboardThe Northern Pine Drumlin Longboard
This is a custom board that Northern Pine made specifically for us and it is 100% exclusive to Erik’s Bike and Board Shop – 10% off
Gold Coast Filter LongboardThe Gold Coast Filter Longboard – 10% off
Sector 9 Carbon Decay LongboardThe Sector 9 Carbon Decay Longboard – 10% off
Northern Pine Derby LongboardThe Northern Pine Derby Longboard
This board features brand new updated graphics and just rolled into our warehouse this week. Check it out! – 10% off

Of course, on top of all this we have all Bern products on sale. This includes all of their helmets. Popular models for Longboarding include the:

Bern also just rolled out new Junior Pad Sets (Knee, Elbow and Wrist all in one pack) and Longboard Gloves. Of course these are also 10% off.

So the gist of all of this is that here at Erik’s we have everything you need to enjoy an awesome summer of longboarding without having to break the bank. The longboard selection varies from store-to-store so be sure to call your local store before heading in if you are looking for a specific model. Otherwise, all of the longboards we carry are available to buy online anytime and virtually of them include Free Shipping too! As always, any questions on anything, shoot us an email.

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