Leasing Ski and Snowboard Equipment at Erik’s – Easy and Makes Sense

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Erik’s Bike and Board Shop – your local shop for downhill ski and snowboard sales & service – now offers seasonal leasing!

leaseLeasing is a great way to outfit growing kids for the season. Erik’s Bike and Board Shop now offers downhill ski & snowboard equipment leases for junior skiers and junior snowboarders. Stop in today to your local Erik’s Bike and Board Shop to reserve your gear today!

Leasing your child’s ski or snowboard equipment makes sense and is so easy. It provides the ultimate defense against spending money on equipment that may become out-grown, outdated, or over used. Your child uses the equipment for the season and then return it to the store at the end of the season.  How easy is that!

Erik’s Lease Package includes:

  • Skis or Snowboard
  • Boots
  • Bindings
  • Padded boot bag and padded ski/board bag each pre-tagged with your child’s name.
  • Premium equipment properly sized, prepped and tuned upon receipt.

Lease equipment supplies are limited!

Stop in to an Erik’s Bike and Board Shop and reserve your child’s gear today!

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