Ride Snowboards revealed their Final DH Limited Edition Artist Series Snowboard – the 2.7 has arrived!

Ride Snowboards 2.7 Snowboard at Erik’s Bike and Board Shops
Fantasy meets reality, as the Mythical Creature Collective team up for a true masterpiece. The DH2.7 is the last in a series of Limited Edition Artist Series boards and went to the far reaches of other realms to bring together in the triumphant finale.  Wed. Nov. 2 – you can order them online at eriksbikeshop.com!
Mythical Creature Collective
Once top contenders in the fantasy snowboard circuit, Pan D. Puss, the Chizard and U. Nipeg proved themselves on far Eastern stomping grounds, but quickly found enemies who despised their presence. By joining together, the mythical three were able to narrowly escape their fate, but found themselves ostracized. From behind the veil of the Mythical Creature Collective, they were able to collaborate their magical powers on an otherworldly top sheet design for one last spell in the snowboarding world.
Board Details
Designed for the ultimate freestyle riders, the DH2.7 features Ride’s team-favorite Hybrid Twin shape. Perfectly concocted for primo response, pop and landing stability, this unique twin shape utilizes micro-camber beneath the feet with a slight rise in the tip and tail for catch-free freestyle riding. Brewed with the best of Ride’s technologies, the DH2.7 has Slimewalls® for durability and a dampened feel, Pop Rods 2.0® for extra liveliness, and a lightweight Membrain® top sheet.
Want one?
Erik’s Bike and Board Shop not only has the new 2012 2.7, but also the 2012 2.6 and the 2012 DH2 boards. Check them out online and get free shipping too! Want to see one in person? Go online and you can also find out which Erik’s Bike and Board Shop has the board you need to see.

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