Bern Carbon Macon Helmet Review

Bern have been making killer helmets for years now, but they have really stepped up the game with their new Carbon Helmet offerings. Here at Erik’s we love all things Carbon Fiber, so we jumped at the chance to stock these sweet Carbon Fiber skate inspired helmets. Over the years Bern have dialed in the fit of their helmets with a number of technologies to produce some of the lightest, lowest profile, best vented and style loaded helmets in the industry. They took all that knowledge and expertise and added a hand wrapped carbon fiber shell to reduce the overall weight, increase durability and add stealth good looks. Here is our review of the Bern Carbon Macon Helmet:

Bern Carbon Macon Helmet

The Bern Carbon Macon Helmet takes Bern’s awesome removable visor Macon EPS Helmet and replaces the outer ABS Plastic Shell with a hand wrapped carbon fiber shell for lower weight, increased durability and stealth looks!

Bern Carbon Macon Helmet

The Bern Carbon Macon Helmet is the best option for Skaters, BMXers, Urban Commuters, Snowboarders or Skiers who need (or want) a sick looking Carbon Fiber Helmet with a removable visor for protection from the sun. Constructed using Bern’s Thin Carbon Fiber Shell with EPS Hard Foam, the Carbon Macon sheds weight over the regular Macon helmets and also creates a more durable, “unbreakable” helmet. The expanded polystyrene hard foam interior provides high-impact protection and complies with CPSC, ASTM F 2040, EN1077B, EN1078 safety standards. The hand-wrapped carbon fiber exterior is lightweight and unbreakable and the matte finish lends the Carbon Watts stealth appeal. As with all Bern Helmets the most noticeable feature when you first put it on your head is the fit. Obviously it is impossible to make a helmet that fits everyone, but Bern has come pretty close. Not only does the Carbon Macon feel great on your head (or on mine at least) but thanks to their Sink Fit technology, it is a low profile helmet that does away with bulky looking helmets that sit on top of your head. Once the Carbon Macon is on your head, adjustments are easy thanks to the simple to use fit system that fine tunes the fit of the helmet to your head. In terms of the sizing of this helmet I would say it is right on with the size chart. I usually wear a medium helmet and fit in the medium comfortably but could also wear the Large with the fit system tightened all the way down. The Baseball Cap style removable visor is attached to the inner sweat soaking pad that runs round the interior of the helmet. Bern includes a non-visored version of this sweat pad, so if you want to roll visor free, just snap in the other pad set and you are good to go. With a second pad that spans the vents across the top of the helmet the fit feels snug, soft and secure. Adjusting the chin strap for security and comfort is easy with the Quick Release sliders to set the optimal strap configuration round your ears and the durable plastic chin buckle is easily adjustable and gives a secure snap once buckled. When you are dropping $200 for a helmet, it is the details that really matter and the included protective soft bag is a nice touch so you don’t scratch the helmet up throwing it into your car. On the subject of price, $200 is undoubtedly a lot for a helmet, but given that you drop around 8oz off the regular Macon helmet and gain durability, even if you didn’t get the sick carbon fiber looks, you are getting some real performance upgrades. In addition, keep in mind that as with all Bern Helmets, the Carbon Macon is an All Season helmet. This means with the purchase of Bern’s All Season Kit, you can turn this well vented summer helmet into a toasty warm winter helmet so you can continue rocking the awesomeness when the snow starts to fly. When it comes down to it, if you love the look and performance of the Bern Macon Helmet and you want something with maximum performance, minimum weight and killer stealth looks the Bern Carbon Macon is a great choice.

The Bern Carbon Macon is available for purchase online at with Free Shipping. If you have any questions about this helmet or any other products we carry at Erik’s, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

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