Dahon Folding Bikes – Now in stock!

Do you love to ride but have very limited storage space? Would you love to bike commute to work but need to take a bus or train for a section of the trip? Do own a boat or an RV (or even an airplane) and want a way to enjoy your destination on a bike? Now we have the perfect ride for you. Here at Erik’s Bike Shop we are excited to announce we are now an authorized Dahon Folding Bikes dealer. Who is Dahon you ask? Dahon is a world renowned Folding Bike company who have been constructing these compact, folding 2 wheeled marvels for over 25 years! With all the knowledge and expertize they have acquired over that time, Dahon produces folding bikes that ride like regular full size bikes, but fold in under 15 seconds. Incorporating many patented and innovative technologies to ensure their bikes are simple to us, great to ride, durable and lightweight Dahon is pursuing their singular purpose of convincing more people to use environmentally sustainable forms of transport. That sounds great to us. Right now we are carrying the following models in stock:

2012 Dahon Boardwalk S1 Folding Bike The 2012 Dahon S1 Folding Bike is the entry-level folding bike we are stocking from Dahon. The simple single speed drivetrain makes this a great option for riders who need a compact bike for cruising around town.
2012 Dahon Eco C7 Folding Bike The 2012 Dahon Eco C7 Folding Bike is the next step up in price. Incorporating a 7 speed drivetrain, the Eco C7 is a good option for riders looking to cover a little more distance or who live in a hilly area.
2012 Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike The 2012 Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike is a frequent winner of folding bike shootouts. It features many of Dahon’s higher end technologies at an awesome price. 7 Speeds, Vise Grip Folding technology and Dahon’s sweet PostPump Seatpost (a seatpost that is also a pump) help make the Mariner one of their most popular bikes.
2012 Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike The 2012 Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike, built on one of their most popular platforms, is a star performer when it comes to value, performance and weight. A lightweight, custom drawn aluminum frame with Fusion and V-Clamp folding technologies make this a great option for the serious commuter with storage issues.
2012 Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike If you are serious about riding, but need a folding bike, the 2012 Dahon Formula S18 Folding Bike is the ride for you. Super light, high-end components, premium folding technologies and an 18 speed Shimano Drivetrain make this folding bike a rocket ship on the streets.

We are carrying Dahon Folding Bikes in stock at our Dinkytown, St Louis Park and Roseville stores in Minnesota and our Madison Downtown Store in Wisconsin. Please contact the store to see which models they currently have in stock. Dahon Folding Bikes are also available for purchase online with Free Shipping. If you have any questions concerning Dahon Folding Bikes or any other products we carry at Erik’s Bike Shop please shoot us an email.

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