Women’s Specific Erik’s Riders Club Jerseys – Now in Stock

This isn’t quite breaking news, but these jerseys turned out really well, so we wanted to make sure all you female Erik’s fans out there knew they existed. We have 2 new Women’s specific designs to choose from in the Erik’s Riders Club Jerseys! There is the new Elite Erik’s Riders Club Women’s Jersey and just in time for the heat of summer, a Sleeveless Erik’s Riders Club Jersey. As with all Riders Club Jerseys, when you buy the jersey you get membership into Erik’s Riders Club. Apart from this being a generally awesome Club to be in, there are other advantages such as:

  • 10% off at Erik’s Bike Shop (excludes service, bikes and sale items)
  • $20 Erik’s Gift Card – initial sign up benefit only
  • Exclusive email offers and discounts

Check out the Women’s Elite Jersey here:

Women's Elite Erik's Riders Club Jersey

Women’s Elite Erik’s Riders Club Jersey

And the Sleeveless Version here:

Erik's Riders Club Women's Sleeveless Jersey

Erik’s Riders Club Women’s Sleeveless Jersey

Of course just in case you are not a fan of either of those jerseys, the original Women’s Riders Club Jersey is still available here:

Erik's Riders Club Women's Jersey

Erik’s Riders Club Women’s Jersey

These new jerseys are only available at limited stores so be sure to hit the Find In Store button on the product page to see where they are available (they are always available for online purchase with Free Shipping from our website too). Once you’ve got your new jersey, check out the Riders Club Ride Calendar (Minnesota or Wisconsin) and get out and enjoy a group ride! Any questions, as always, shoot us an email.

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