Northern Pine Drumlin Longboard – Only at Erik’s – Free Shipping!

We recently got in a new longboard at Erik’s that we’re really excited about! Northern Pine Longboards, based in our own back yard worked with us to create the Drumlin. Perfect for downhill and freeride, the Drumlin is also well-suited to commuting duties.

Northern PInes Drumlin - Only at Erik's

With it’s custom W concave, the Drumlin helps to keep your feet planted.

You’ll only find this board at Erik’s – but that’s not all that makes it unique! Coming in at 39 5/8 inches in length with a 3/8″ drop between the tip and tail, the Drumlin sports a custom W concave for better grip and control, especially at speed.

This is a board that beginners and advanced riders alike can appreciate – built of 8 plys of maple and spec’ed with Randall trucks, it is designed for riding.

Being handmade, each Northern Pine Longboard is unique, and comes with either 70 or 77 mm wheels. If you have a preference, see what your local Erik’s has, or note your preference when ordering.

If you order online, the Northern Pine Drumlin ships for Free!


If you’re not hooked yet, check out the graphics on the base!

Handmade in Minnesota

Made for downhills and freeride, the Drumlin is an awesome board for your quiver.



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