XLAB Superwing New At Erik’s – Free Shipping

If you’re a triathlete, you realize how much potential the smallest change in your routine has to make or break your race. Whether you are going for a win in your age group, overall, or your own personal best everything about what you do on race day can mean you finish faster, stronger or race more comfortable.


That’s why XLAB products are used by so many champions in the sport. Craig Alexander uses an XLAB Superwing on the Specialized Shiv he piloted to a Kona record in 2011, as well as Ironman Melbourne in 2012.

For a fast combination, the Shiv and XLAB are hard to beat.

Most of us don’t have our sights set on winning an Ironman event, but even if its for the local olympic distance or even sprint course, the time saved by having necessities close at hand is critical. We love that the XLab Superwing not only holds bottles in a convenient location that’s a bit more aero, it can also keep your CO2 cartridges and inflator close at hand in case you get a flat.

With Accessories

For keeping your bottles close at hand but out of the wind, the Superwing can’t be beat.


While you’re getting ready for your next race – whether it’s your first time or going for a new PR, let the experts at one of our Tri Stores get you set to race comfortable and do your best.


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