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With the days getting shorter, you’ve probably noticed that one or both ends of your commute are done partially in the dark. Or, perhaps that evening mountain bike ride isn’t as long as you remember it in July. Whether it’s for safety or fun, there is no such thing as too little light on the trails and roads.

The brand new Lumina series from Niterider makes putting a solid beam of light in front of you easier than ever.

The Lumina 650 puts out a blistering 650 lumens

For commuting or trail riding, the 650 is a perfect all around light

For trail and commuting purposes, the Lumina 650 is hard to beat. As its name implies, the Lumina 650 is a blistering 650 lumens of output, ensuring that the trail in front of you is clear and cars are aware of your presence. When you don’t need all that light, you can use thew lower settings of 400, 200 or even as low as 40 lumens and up to 18 hours of run time. When it’s time to charge it, simply plug the unit in to a standard USB cable (included).  IF you have a larger system of trail use and just want a lightweight helmet light, the 650 also comes with a helmet mount as well as the standard bar mount.

When you ride at night for any reason, the more light you can throw at the road in front of you, the safer you are from road hazards or traffic. If commuting is your primary reason for riding, the Lumina 500 presents a great value in LED lighting. While it doesn’t include the helmet mount, the Lumina 500 uses the same easy USB charging capability and a maximum output of 500 lumens. On its highest setting, it will run 1.5 hours, while on the low end, it will last you 18 just like the  650. The Lumina series both offer a flash mode, so even during difficult light conditions such as low sun angle or overcast and rainy conditions, the Luminas make sure you are seen.

A Clear value in lighting for your biking needs.

500 Lumens will make you safer on the road.

Many municipalities have their own lighting requirements but if you pair a Lumina with a flashing red light in the rear, you do a lot to ensure your safety on the roads and trails. Fall is one of the most enjoyable times to ride – make the most of your days and nights!

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