Pro-Form Tour De France Trainer – in store at Erik’s

The weather may still be great for riding right now, but it won’t be that way forever. When it turns cold and snowy here in the Midwest you’ve got two options when it comes to riding a bike during the hard months: get yourself a snow bike or get on a stationary trainer. Usually the mention of a stationary trainer or indoor cycle is not an exciting one – as bikers, most of us love the feeling of two wheels rolling over the ground, the wind on our faces and the ever-changing scenery – riding indoors is none of these unless you’ve got a good fan blowing on you.

What if you could ride the same routes you rode in the summer time, with the same hills and same intensity as you would in better months. What if you could change gears on your bike as the hills went up and down? This is the beauty of the Pro-Form Tour De France Indoor Cycle. You CAN do these things. Using a WiFi connection and Google Maps, the Pro-Form TDF allows you to ride routes on its namesake race course, or with routes you created. You can ride anywhere in the world on the Pro-Form!

The most realistic way to ride your favroite route without actually riding it.

With adjustable incline of +/- 20%, the only other way to do hill work involves real hills.

The Pro-Form TDF is loaded with features to make the most out of your riding time. in addition to the Tour De France Maps, the TDF tilts fore and aft to a grade of 20% and like your real bike, you change gears to compensate for the increased resistance. Having spent some time on the TDF, I can say that the 20% range is absolutely SOUL-CRUSHING! That’s because the magnetic resistance on the Pro-Form Tour De France takes into account your wind profile based on weight and height, along with the pitch of the road and the gear you are in to adjust the resistance. The only way to get a break is to stop, or make it to the backside of the hill where you can soft pedal it down! The TDF also includes a power meter on board, so you can track your performance overtime and gauge the improvements you’re making.

With large buttons, the controls are easy to read and the shifter paddles on either side of the handlebars shift gears to your favorite combination.

The Pro-Form trainer is also super quiet and easily adjustable making it easy to place where it works for you in the house and where it will see the most use over the winter months. Come in to one of our stores and take one for a rest ride.


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