New Thunderbolt Lights from Serfas

Recently we had mentioned the Niterider Lumina series of lights that we just got in, and in that I mentioned adding a taillight as well to improve your visibility. The one thing I often find in my commuting is that to truly be safe, I do best to light up every part of myself or the bike that I possibly can. In addition to a powerful headlight and taillight combo, I always try to add at least one more point of visibility that atracts additional attention, especially near the front of the bike. This helps me be seen and not confused as a a motor vehicle so motorists can respond appropriately.

Great for mounting to handlebars, seatposts, forks or stays

With its micro LEDs, the Thunderbolt puts out an impressive 90 lumens, making sure you’re seen on the road.

The Serfas Thunderbolt is notable for the above reasons as well as a few others. After receiving a few at our Dinkytown store, we quickly became fans of these little lights. They’re unique from other lights of this type because they use micro-leds (15 of them to be exact) and when powered up, they provide 90 lumens of light on high and run for 1.5 hours.  In addition to a lower poer setting that gives 65 hours of run time, there are TWO flash settings and all the thunderbolts charge via the included USB cable. The Thunderbolt comes in 6 different body colors as well as a clear/white light and a red light.

For those looking for flash without too much flash, the housing on the Serfas Thunderbolt comes in a black color.

The Thunderbolt should not be considered a light for showing your way – while 90 lumens is impressive for this type of light, the focus of the beam casts a lot of light – literally a flood – in a close space. I would consider the best application for the thunderbolt to be an urban rider who does not need a lot of light to see by but values their safety in and amongst traffic. For strictly cool uses, the Thunderbolt would also provide a cool way to do “ground effects” on your bike!

Using lightweight silicone, the Thunderbolt from Serfas is durable and weather resistant. On the backside is the port for charging via USB

We hope you’ll consider the Thunderbolt as a well-designed light for urban use, or a way for the die-hard commuter to really make themselves visible.

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