Ride EX Bindings 2013 – Free Shipping

The new EX binding boasts more than a lot of colors, it’s heavy on tech too.

The EX Binding from Ride is an All-Mountain Binding – whether you’re running the bunny hill or the back bowls, carving groomers or playing in the park, With a flex rating of 4/10, its responsive without being restrictive, and the back is a nice shape that allows ankle movement for jibbing or tweaking your grabs easily – its even got some flex built in to the high back so it holds on a heelside turn, but twists so you can finesse your landings a bit.

A lot of people are using a toe cap strap where you pull the toe strap so it curves around the top and tip of the toes. The EX is no exception; it has the strap length to do it and the ThinGrip strap conforms around boots easily. The one thing the thin grip does that a lot of toe cap designs DON’T do, is allow for those riders who still prefer an over-the-toes securing design, so whatever your preference, the EX has got you covered.

The EX’s ComfortFlex high-back and ThinGrip toe strap are two features every rider is sure to love.

Perhaps the strongest feature, both literally and figuratively, of Ride bindings is the aluminum chassis. Like all other Ride bindings in the lineup, the EX boasts and aluminum base and back that are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and made from 50% recycled material. Many years from now, when you’ve upgraded or outgrown your binding, the base plate can be recycled. IN the meantime it will give you unmatched control and lightweight.


Ride products are arriving in the next two weeks – stop by one of our stores or pick up a pair online – they ship for free!





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