Park Weapon – 2013 K2 World Wide Weapon and Hurrithane at Erik’s – Free Shipping

Here in the midwest, we are blessed with a lot of things, – true mountains are not one of them, nor is LOTS of snow. Sometimes we take a trip or two out west for the big stuff and deep powder days, but most boarders can be found running laps in the park for the better part of the winter. If you’re a regular in the park, and you HAVEN’T heard of the World Wide Weapon, I’m shocked, if you’re a newer rider or an experienced park junkie, the World Wide Weapon (WWW) and Hurrithane Bindings is a setup to consider.

The original urethane backed binding.

In the way of bindings the Hurrithane sets a new standard in freestyle performance. With a urethane back (think squishy longboard wheels) the Hurrithane is super jibbable (totally made that word up) by allowing your ankle to be supported but still easily movable for jibs, butters and presses. Pair it up with a WWW and you’ve got a setup that’s dialed for park use.

The World Wide Weapon – jib oriented riding for over a decade.

The World Wide Weapon is unique in part because of its JibTip design – bunted tip and tail allow riders to run the board 5 cm shorter than usual, allowing for a lighter more playful board. Along with Jib Rocker, K2 aims for the WWW to be a loose, buttery feel. Park riding is not kind to equipment, so one nice feature K2 has added to the WWW is a p-tex top sheet as well as base. Come short on that rail or eat some snow coming off a box? The sheet and base are far more easily repaired than other park boards.

Locally, there is a great move to progressive park elements, so even if you consider yourself a more tame rider, you can try some of the ride-on boxes and rails or some fun wall type elements. Give it a go, we think you’ll be hooked – in a winter like we had last year you gotta get your fun one way or another. Whether you hit the bunny hill and practice presses or buttercups, you’ll love the WWW. Winter …. Bring it on!

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