K2 Iron Maiden Ski 2013 – Free Shipping – Online Purchase

K2 Iron Maiden Ski 2013 – Free Shipping – Online Purchase

Have you heard? The mountains out west are starting to get snow! This time of year the feelings are split between dread and excitement around here over the coming winter, but if you’re like us, you’re waiting for the first big flakes or temps for snow making. Pretty soon it will be time for park laps and tree runs.

For slaying park and all mountain, we’ve got a great ski from K2 in the 2013 Iron Maiden. Whether you’re a rockstar or just want to look like one on the slopes, the Iron Maiden‘s got you covered. On the looks side, the Iron Maiden‘s graphics are inspired by the album art off the Troopers single, and if you like to get the bases off the ground, the bold yellow and black combo will show well in your GoPro edits.

The Top sheet of the Iron Maiden is based off actual album art from the ski’s namesake.

Besides looking like few other skis out there, the Iron Maiden has great features for the all around skier. The ABSorb sidewalls are traditional sidewalls sandwiched with urethane for vibration damping – a feature that can be nice in late season midwest conditions. If you find yourself going backwards by choice otherwise, the bi-directional design enables easier handling when running switch, and if you find yourself on a plane headed to some far off ski destination, the Iron Maidens are set up for backcountry use through tip and tail holes that make attaching skins a breeze.

Whether you’re killing it in the park, or just looking killer on the mountain, the Iron Maiden is a great ski from K2.

We are stocking the Iron Maiden in three lengths this year – 164, 169 and 174 And while we’re at it, check out The Troopers video below while we wait for the snow.

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