Pinarello FP Zero Road Bike – New at Erik’s

Road biking has become wildly popular in recent years, and not just for “serious riders” as some people think. Women and men, young and old; couples and families, there really is no one type of road rider. It is for this reason that we sometimes struggle with the best way to get that family of road riders on equipment that they will enjoy and will foster a life-long love of riding. Sometimes the youngest members of the family get left out unless they are willing to ride and can fit on a small women’s bike.
This is exactly why we’re so excited about adding Pinarello into our line up. Sure, their adult bikes are gorgeous and drool-worthy, but how happy would you have been at ten years old to be riding a bike just like mom or dad’s – just a little bit smaller? Just like an adult bike, correct sizing is a big part of a rider’s enjoyment. Having a bike like the FP Zero pictured below is a great step to making road biking a reality for the young rider.

For the young rider looking to keep up, the FP Zero is a great option.

Sitting atop 24 inch wheels the Pinarello FP Zero is tailor made for younger riders, and the selection of kids-sized components bear that out as well. The FP Zero is also a full aluminum frame and fork, making a nice lightweight package that’s easy to climb hills with. These bikes are just arriving in and should be out to stores shortly. Check the links above for which stores have them in stock, or order one in! Our staff will make sure your child is sized properly for this or whatever bike they want to ride.


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