Chrome Tokyo bags now in stock –

Are you a bicycle commuter, college student, or bike enthusiast? If so, you’ve no doubt heard of Chrome bags. If you haven’t heard of Chrome, and are in need of a bag for biking with, or for general daily use, they’re worth a closer look. The craftsmanship and uniqueness of design is the first thing I noticed about Chrome Bags – I’m sure you will too. I also have had experience with other messenger style bags that have been around a long time, but non so burly as Chrome’s offerings.

The Citizen is a rugged and ready bag for school, work or anything you throw at it, but its especially at home on your bike while biking.

What makes the following bangs unique, though, is the artistry of the limited edition collection they come from. To start, the blue canvas fabric is inspired by the traditional Judogi, or uniform used by practitioners of Judo.  The panel on the front flap is a western-style embossed saddle leather, and this is where east meets west. Inside, the liner of the Tokyo series Yalta and Citizen are Wabori Tatto artwork – traditional japanese imagery done in a very traditional manner. It’s time consuming and costly to get a tattoo, making these bags a bargain!

For a backpack style, the Yalta is a great bag: well-padded along the back for heavy or awkward loads, and easily adjustable for different torso lengths and shoulder widths.


For messenger bag traditionalists, the Citizen is everything you’d expect. Messenger style bags, when done right as in Chrome’s case, are the pickup truck of bags. They swallow loads of moderate size and leave room to pile ‘er up like the Clampetts moving to Beverly Hills. The Citizen sits in the middle of the size run for Chrome and makes a great day to day bag, or a weekender bag if you are headed out of town. It will fit in overhead compartments fine on most domestic flights so its a good choice for the road warrior too. One thing that makes a messenger style bag great on the bike is hinted at by it’s name: originally developed by messengers, the over-the-shoulder design and cross-strap allow the bag to sit tightly against your back but still allow for easy access to grab a layer, snack, or drop off the package.

The Tokyo series Citizen by Chrome builds on the popular styles utility but bumps up the looks quite a bit.

These bags won’t last long, so get yours today. They ship free too, so if you still really want to save for that Tattoo, you’re on your way!


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