Hybrid Camber and the Ride Machete GT – Free Shipping – Online Only – Transworld SNOW board of the Month

*UPDATE* Transworld Snowboarding thinks this board is pretty sweet too – It just received the board of the month on their site*


There’s no denying the influence of rocker or reverse cambers on the current snowboard offerings. We’ve finally hit a point where your choices aren’t simply vanilla (camber) or chocolate (rocker) – you can now get a twist cone of frosty goodness in any variation you like! For those not familiar with the concept, if you looked at a snowboard – or even a ski – a few years back, they all had a rise in the middle that was kind of springy. This rise is called camber, and it creates some push back when transitioning from edge to edge. It also locks the energy fairly well to the ends of the board, meaning those “corners” of the board have some contact while the board is running flat (no tilt).

Recently there was a push to reverse this camber – often called rocker. The result was a board that curved upward at the nose and tail. This made it a bit more forgiving to a new rider or someone running park laps, but it lacked a certain bit of responsiveness for the riders who like to push it. The Machete GT is what we call a hybrid rocker or camber. Its a bit of both, and for that reason, it excels where one type alone cannot.

Austin Hironaka gettin the Machete GT upside down.

The Machete GT has micro-camber under foot, giving it the lively feeling that someone used to camber loves as well as good ollie pop, but it adds in Ride’s Lowrize tip and tail for catch free spins. The other benefit I’ve found with hybrid cambers is that they’re tremendously versatile; on days when you wanna go hard, you’ve got the edgy feel, but it surfs well and initiates turns well for the rider on easy days.

Built for tearing it up, the Machete GT allows riders to rail on the turns and drop freestyle precision whether off a box, cliff, or running the trees.

The Machete GT also shares some of the great ride technologies from the original Machete and other great Ride boards like:

  • Slimewalls -great for quieting edge chatter and improving hold in the worst conditions (now Ride has added some carbon to the edge for improved pop and liveliness too)
  • Fusion 4000 base takes a wax real well for fast riding and better control
  • Carbon Array 5 strings carbon from under foot to the corners of the board, improving edge hold when you’re really digging in.
  • Membrain top sheet – allows for a durable, lightweight top sheet by infusing fabric with urethane – as a side benefit, graphics look great on these boards.

Try this exciting new blend of old and new today- you owe it to yourself to ride happy and push your skills to new levels.

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