Kurt Kinetic Road Machine at Erik’s – Guaranteed Low Price – Free Shipping

When the cold returned recently, you did one of two things probably if you live in the upper Midwest (or anywhere else that experiences big seasonal changes): you probably got REALLY excited, or REALLY nervous. If you live in the snow belt, you have to accept some seasonality to your riding. It’s a great opportunity to mix it up and keep your cycling fun by setting it down for a couple months, but if you’re like us, it’s hard to give it up completely and it helps to be ready to rip legs come spring.

For these reasons, a trainer is the perfect addition to your winter regimen. On the worst days, it keeps you sane by doing SOMETHING. ON the best days, you get a solid workout that has you in good form for spring riding on the roads. To get the most out of a trainer, though, it’s got to be as real as possible. The Kurt Road Machine is our most popular trainer because of this realism.

The Kurt Kinetic’s plusses start in the frame: not conifdent with other frames on the market, Kurt created the widest footprint of any trainer for added stability. In the resistance unit, other hydraulic units on the market were prone to leaking, so Kurt coupled the drive shaft to the fluid side with 6 rare earth magnets, leaving the “wet” side isolated from the spinning of a shaft. From there, Kurt created a unit that is probably the most thought out trainer out there. It’s functional – not fancy (unless you count the wild green color).

The Kurt Road Machine is a leader in trainers, Kurt aims to make the most reliable and realistic trainer on the market with this and is very successful in it.

All of these features add up to reliability, repeatability, and realism. The Road Machine is a quiet, reliable trainer that is guaranteed not to leak. You can watch TV at a reasonable volume or here the kids fighting in the next room. The stability of the Fluid Resistance Unit means that your effort is measurably consistent and accurate. Whether you pair it with a power meter or your regular cycle computer, you can gauge your progress throughout the season and know its on. Finally, while we cannot simulate the wind across your helmet or the feel of your tires on asphalt, the Road Machine is calibrated to feel the way it feels on the road, and while this is not usually a benefit, there are no downhills (meaning you get out of this every bit you put in).

It’s your choice what you do this winter; whether you sit around and WISH for spring, or you get out and do something to make sure you are READY for spring. Get on your bike and ride! the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is at our Guaranteed Low Prices right now and ships for free.

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