Ride Rodeo Binding – In stock – Free Shipping – Erik’s Bike and Board

Can you believe there was a time when snowboarders rode baseless bindings? No kidding – they were supposed to provide greater flexibility under foot and more contact with the board for a better feel with the snow. What they really provided was a rough ride where you felt everything, and while they were good for freestyle at the time, riders are going bigger and faster these days. The tricks are more demanding whether it’s hanging with friends at an urban rail or sessioning the park, we demand more from our set ups than ever before.

The more fun colorway is what the Rodeo is all about – MORE FUN.

In it’s second season, the Ride Rodeo offers a binding tailor made to the needs of today’s demanding freestyle rider. With the Infinity Chassis, the Rodeo is made of aluminum just like all other Ride bindings. Every piece from the new Freestyle Core Ankle Strap to the EVA base pad and Wedgie 2.5s are made with the freestyler in mind. My favorite feature out of newer ride bindings has to be the Wedgie foot beds. They actually tilt your foot inward: this gives better shock absorption to the rider from rough snow, hard landings or other external shocks and the tilt or canting reduces side to side stress on the knees (especially at wider stances). If your knees are better protected, you are less likely to get injured, and more likely to ride longer because you’re comfortable.

The Rodeo isn’t a stiff binding, but it shouldn’t be – if you like jibbing, rails or just messing around, you get the flexibility you need without sacrificing support. Finish things off with the Stealth Highback and you’ve got an ideal setup. The snow is on it’s way – be ready for it.


Yellow always looks good on a board, and it has the added benefit of being easy to find in a blowing snow storm.

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