RetroSpec bikes and accessories – Coming Soon – Online and in-store

We’re happy to announce that we’ve picked up a new brand of urban bikes that will soon be hitting our stores in Dinkytown and Madison Downtown. Retrospec bikes is a company out of Los Angeles, CA whose product is aimed at being stylish, functional and affordable.

Retro Spec Beta Series Fixie – Bette Davis colorway

What will likely be the most popular option, the Beta Series comes in a multitude of colors  and provides an option for riders who are commuting in the city, riding for fun, or want to dip their toes in the pool of fixie riding. MSRP is $349.99 for the Beta Series, and its a great quality bike for casual riders.

Beta Series Glowstick

Whatever your style, you can get a Beta in a colorway that suits you – and if you want to customize it further, just check out the component offerings we have to offer as well. Cranks, grips, wheels – the components are also colorful and affordable. Check them out online or in store, these are great options with bikes starting right around $300 and all the parts to keep you running. As usual, all of the bikes purchased in store come with two years of free adjustments.

Just one of the many colors available in wheels – these include everything you see here, including tires, tubes and fixed cog/freewheel combo.

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