2013 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR EVO – In-Stores now!

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The 2013 Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO just hit stores in the past few weeks and we’ve made sure to put some time on them already. The 2013 version is a further tweaking of the 2012 EVO, in small ways that make it one of the best all-arounders on the market.

The Stumpjumper EVO platform builds on the already successful Stumpjumpers to make them trail machines.

For anyone not familiar with the EVO concept from Specialized, the main idea is to tweak the standard a bit and create a bike that pushes the boundaries a bit without jumping into a whole new category. In the case of the Stumpjumper, this means beefing up the travel by an additional 10mm, and slackening the headtube angle from 68 to 67 degrees for a more capable bike at speed.

The 2013 Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO is First on the trail.

The experience is also improved by the addition of a dropper seatpost, wider rims and tires, and a chain guide to keep things quiet and steady when the trail gets tough. The Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO 29 is more freeride than race, though there’s no reason you couldn’t line up at the start and do quite well with this bike. While the specs are impressive, it’s what this bike can do for riders from typical to extraordinary that makes it so unique. The FSR Evo has become a darling among some of our shop staff because of its ease of setup and fun factor. Consider the Autosag rear shock that Specialized teamed with Fox to produce. The video below gives a pretty good idea of how it sets up. Our staff is more than capable of helping you set your suspension right, but we cannot be with you on every ride, and you should check your suspension often to ensure that everything works well and is tuned for your rider weight (which can change depending on the time of year or what you carry when you ride).

The Autosag gets things right the first time, and is easily repeatable EVERY time. New this year, Fox has also added CTD, or Climb, Trail, and Descend settings to the shocks, further allowing you to customize your ride for the conditions.
The Command Post also helps with differing terrain by getting the seat out of the riders way for technical sections, while still allowing for proper leg extension when needed – meaning no more compromises in fit for maneuverability.

In my case, I made the switch from a standard Stumpjumper FSR to an EVO, so I had a good base of experience to draw upon when comparing the differences in ride. As with last years Sumpjumpers, the Autosag is a standard feature on most models, and set up proved to be just as easy before. With a Rock Shox revelation paired in front and a weight chart on the lower leg, virtually no time was wasted in playing with settings. On the trail, I initially found I had to force myself to use the dropper post, but once you get that through your skull, riding with one is a dream: Moderate drops of around 2 feet can be handled with a bit more speed, or for the cautious riders, navigated without getting boosted. In corners, the wide rims and 2.3″ tires provide ample grip in conditions ranging from hard and fast to sandy and leaf covered in late-season.

THanks to CTD and a multitude of gravity-inspired features, the EVO is a formidable contender against other trail bikes.

While Midwest “climbs” are nothing like what I’ve ridden in the mountains, the C/Climb setting on the rear shock was a simple way to add firmness to the rear end without sacrificing suspension. When the action is fast and you don’t have time to change on the fly, the Trail setting of the CTD shock allows for a moderate low-speed compression setting that blends pedaling efficiency and bike control. Finally,  the Descend setting is full open for maximum control and plus ride qualities at speed or on aggressive descents. For flow sections, I really enjoy the last setting for some all-out fun.

The Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO occupies a sweet spot between an XC bike and a bigger travel Trail bike – at 150mm of travel front and rear, as well as a large selection of gravity based components, its ready to tackle the shift to flow trails that many areas are seeing, or as a bike to travel and do it all with. Come in to one of our stores and compare it to a stock Stump FSR or an Epic, and you’ll see why the EVO is such a fun bike.

Like all of our bikes, the 2013 EVO comes with 2 years free adjustments, one free tune-up, and lifetime parts warranty. These bikes cannot be sold online and the EVOs usually go fast – on the trail and out of the stores. Come try one today!

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