Shop Setup – Ride Buckwild EX Bindings and Hi-Phy Boots – Andy from Minnetonka – Product review

[Editors Note: Andy from our Minnetonka store is BIG onto snowboarding, and always interested in getting someone new out there. Today’s blog is his pick for a great freestyle setup. We’ve blogged about the EX bindings he mentions before, now take a look at the rest of this package. Thanks Andy!]

Check out the pop on this board. In our minds, if you’re gonna go big, everyone might as well see it.

If you’re on the hunt for an awesome freestyle/ park setup,  Look no further than the Ride Buckwild with Ex bindings and Hi-Phy boots.  The Buckwild is the Ride pro-team inspired deck.  It features Rides Twin Rocker profile for true twin performance whether you’re hitting it straight or exiting switch.  This profile gives the rider a nice flat stable zone between the tips for excellent tracking and carving.  The Rocker in the tips give the board that playful, catch free feel for presses and manuals. The Buckwild also includes such Ride staples as Pop Rods 2.0 for extra ollie power and Slimewalls with Cleave edge for excellent edge durability when you’re running boxes and rails.
The EX bindingis a great all around binding. Coming in at 4/10 in stiffness, They’re soft enough to jib with and plenty response for carving and tracking into kickers.  The ThinGrip toe strap can be fitted over the top of the foot or over the toes.

The Hi-Phy Boots are great for riders who want awesome response and comfort.  Nothing is easier to lace up than a Boa Coiler dial.  Equipped with the Closer lace guides, you get a very even and secure pull across the foot.  The 7/10 stiffness rating on this boot provides the rider with very quick response edge to edge.  They also feature the new Impacto sole which really soaks up the hits on landings.
This package has tons of style and plenty of pop, Get a Buckwild and you’ll be having More Fun than your Friends. Let and or any of our other knowledgeable staff members get you set on the board for you.

This boots big on color AND performance

Using a Boa Coiler lace, the Ride Hi-phy gives you the support you need in the easiest lacing boot style around.

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