Lucky Scooters – New At Erik’s – Great Holiday Gift Idea – Free Shipping

Have you seen this?

Somewhere along the way, one of those little pocket scooters was near a skatepark. Thinking it might be fun to try, a rider no doubt toed-up to the edge and dropped in. Maybe the scooter folded up and the rider slid to the bottom of the ramp, but in the true fashion of “hey guys, watch this” a new idea was born, and a pretty cool one at that!

Erik’s is excited to add Lucky Scooters to our lineup this fall. If you’ve been to a skatepark in the last year, you’ve seen at least a handful of them on the ramps and elements. The secret’s out that they’re a lot of fun, and unlike the pocket scooters of a few years back, they’re designed for the punishment that park riding can dish out.

Lucky realized early on that the scooters on the market weren’t built well and that riders were pushing the limits of the sport daily – a better product was needed. Starting with a fork and bar, they set out to up the ante. That was 2009 – skip ahead to 2012 and Lucky is the best brand out there, producing parts and completes for riders the world over.

The Clover is the top of the line model from Lucky and is the best scoot around for high-speed, high impact riding.

The Lucky Clover is the flagship in the line and is built on a 20 inch by 4.5 inch deck. The first thing you’ll notice about these scooters is they don’t fold; to make something that withstands the impact of dropping in from vert or performing flips and spins, the frame has to be able to come back for more and more. Making a box construction with pillars goes along way to protecting the rider from impacts. Next, a BMX headset integrated in the frame not only makes it more responsive but again stronger than anything before. Toss in some premium urethane wheels for grip and roll, and a burly Prybar handlebar for big landings and you’re ready to tear it up.

With great looks and excellent strength, the Strata goes well beyond a traditional pocket scooter when it comes to park riding

The Strata from Lucky uses the same 20 x 4.5 Motion frame that the Clover does, but in a build that saves a little bit of cash. While the CLover uses the braced Prybar, the Probar on the Strata is still a solid option. Total weight is the same as the Clover at 8.6 lbs and is kept the same by subtraction in the form of a lighter handlebar but by using a solid wheel. The fork uses a triple clamp as opposed to the Clover’s quad clamp. Stalls, grinds, rails and jumps, you name it, the Strata’s got you covered.

Built to meet the demands of the market, the Crew may LOOK like other scooters at department stores, but rest assured, its a whole new breed.

Finally, the Crew from Lucky is the scooter that bridges the gap between pocket and rocket. It may look like your neighbor’s foldable, but the Crew is built to survive at the hands of the neighborhood riders. Built on the Stinger Frame which is 19″ x 4″, The Crew is perfect for young and intermediate riders that want the experience and street cred of riding a Lucky pro scooter. Like all of the other Lucky Scooter mentioned above, the Crewis customizable, and we are carrying all the common parts to upgrade your scooter to meet your design tastes and riding needs.


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