Ride Kink Freestyle Snowboard – Free Shipping – Review

The Kink is tough, and tough to beat when it comes to spending your days at the park.

A few years back, when reverse camber and rocker designs were coming on strong, I was pretty bent on riding camber – even in my freestyle board. Still, the pressure was mounting to try these things out, and I couldn’t just say no forever. It’s snowboarding after all and I might as well have some fun with it.

After checking out the options, I settled on the Kink – then and today, it provides an affordable set up for the dedicated park rider, or as a backup board for messing around in the city or playing on low snow days. While the Ride Kink is not a rocket of a board, it is by far, one of the most fun, and most reliable setups available. It’s got a handful of great features built with the freestyler in mind: Cleave Edge for greater edge durability when sessioning rails, Extruded base that takes wax well and repairs easiest of all the grades of p-tex, and Slimewall sidewall (which is made out of urethane just like skateboard wheels) for durability and quieting of edge chatter on Midwest boiler plate. The greatest feature though, is the Twin Rocker. Even if you’re not a freestyle rider, you’ll appreciate how easily the board initiates a turn at slow to moderate speeds: just apply weight to your toes and heels, and it loads up nice into an easy carve. Even at speed, rocker is a great feature because it allows you to run the board flat without fear of catching an edge and going down hard.
The Kink opened up new possibilities for me and allowed me more confidence on park elements: not being 16 any more, I gotta take care of myself and protect my riding days, so I sometimes get cautious around the big stuff. I found after a few laps through the park that I could approach boxes and rails with more speed (and more control as a result) and that when exiting an element, if I under or over-rotated, the board was more forgiving of my own shortcomings.
Pair it with any Ride Binding you like, I like running mine with a stiff binding generally, but we’re all big fans of the Ride EX as you may recall for its freestyle ability, and I’m always partial to the Darko Boots from K2. Either way – snow is coming, and if you’ve got the time, most places are open locally with man made snow. Get out and ride!



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