K2 Happy Hour – Transworld Snowboarding GOOD WOOD WINNER – at Erik’s Bike and Board – Product review

….And now for something completely different: We’ve talked a lot about park boards. People here and all over the Midwest love to run the park, and even I get into it some days of the winter. Truth be told, the board I wanted to share today is totally capable as a park board, but its so much more than that.

First off, its looks are unlike most boards out there – really it’s unlike any board currently on the market. As somebody who rode the old Kempers and Hoogers with funky shapes, the Happy Hour hits the spot on unique styling. Sporting a slight point on the tip and tail, the Happy Hour is a board that gets noticed whether you’re standing on top of it or leaning it against a rack while you grab a bite or a cold one.

If all it did was look good, that may be enough for some riders, but the Happy Hour is loaded with tech too. The Happy Hour is an all-mountain twin which means its meant for fun. Whether you’re getting an hour in after work or school, or headed for a weekend of adventure with the family, the happy hour is a great option. Winner of Transworld’s Good Wood Award as well as a host of other rave reviews from riders all over.

The  K2 Happy Hour features Flatline Tweekend base for liveliness under foot and a forgiving feel with rocker in the tip and tail. The Carbon Ollie Bar in the middle provides snap for better ollies and locking in presses. Finally, Carbon Web technology gives you more feel over where your edge is at any given moment. The result is a board that will make you give you better control, pop, and fun – and you’ll be happier for it. Try the Happy Hour today – look good and ride good – why else are you out there?

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