Getting ready for the on-season – TruFit and Winter Overhauls at Erik’s

This time of year is a hard one for some riders. Maybe you haven’t yet discovered a winter sport you enjoy, or you simply look forward to trainer time as a way to prepare for the coming spring.

It’s not right around the corner, but it comes far quicker than you think!

With that in mind, two great things to add you your New Year’s Resolutions for bicycling are getting your bike dialed in with our fit services, or getting your bike tuned up for the coming year. Both items can be taken care of at virtually the same time.

For the most enjoyable ride you've ever had, consider getting a fitting done this winter.

Get the same attention that professional riders get with our TruFit services.

For riders looking to improve the fit of a trusted bike, or starting off right with a new bike, Erik’s TruFit Services can’t be beat. Our staff of BG Fit Technicians are trained in the Body Geometry Fit Method and focus their attention on adjusting your bike to best reflect your riding style, desires and unique physical attributes. Whether you are looking to be a better rider, or to solve an issue of discomfort on your bike such as numbness, pain or more, we can address and correct many issues related to fit.
By getting fit now, you can be sure that you have the best riding season of your life!

Our mechanics will make sure your bike rides like it should so you're ready to go when the weather turns nice.

Our mechanics will make sure your bike rides like it should so you’re ready to go when the weather turns nice.

While you’re at it, now is a great time to make sure your bike is in good working order with an overhaul. The industry standard is to have this done every 2-3 years or 2-3000 miles (whichever comes first). If you did a lot of riding recently or you have an older bike that needs new life breathed into it, this is an excellent opportunity. Winter  Overhauls are currently 50% off, but this deal only lasts until the end of February.

We service all makes and models of bikes – just bring yours into one of our shops and our Mechanics will check it over and make sure that what needs replacing gets done. In our overhaul package, we also strip the frame completely bare, then clean/degrease, re-lube and reassemble everything. If you just got a fit done and want to make some changes to your cockpit, now is a great time to do that as well.


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