FIT FRIDAY – an Introduction

We’re serious about riding, and we know many of our customers are as well, but even if you only get on your bike occasionally, you’ve dealt with issues of fit. For a lot of us, the first time may have been a hand-me-down bike that was too big. We couldn’t touch the pedals or we were stretched out like Superman when we gripped the handlebars.

This bike is definitely too big if one sat where they usually would.

Some times, the issue of fit is not so clear. We see it all the time as people get more involved in riding or after taking some years off. With this in mind, we’ve tapped our TruFit staff at Erik’s to share some of their knowledge and wisdom on a bi-weekly basis, in a feature we’re calling Fit Fridays.

Check back next week for our first installment as well as upcoming issues. We’ll tackle all the touch points of the bicycle such as handlebars and grips, saddles and shoes/pedals over time and provide some some tips along the way.

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