Fit Friday Special – Decade

We recently passed a major milestone at Erik’s; it was over ten years ago when we first started our professional fit service.  We started off with a just small corner space on the sales floor in our St Louis Park, MN location. Today Erik’s has six state-of-the-art fit studios in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Back in 2003, few people knew or understood the benefits of a proper bike fit, they were typically “serious” riders or racers. Today we work with a much wider spectrum of cyclists to improve their performance, comfort, efficiency, and to prevent injuries. While much has changed over the past decade one thing has not, having your bike fit is one of the best investments that any rider can make in their enjoyment of cycling.


In the field of bike fitting we are continuing to see major advancements in the tools and technology available. Tools that can allow a bike fitter to adjust their client’s position by the touch of a button, or 3D motion capture tools that help fitters to see how the changes to the bike affects the body or pedaling.  We use Specialized’s Data video capture system it is exceptionally helpful in that you can see yourself on the bike and see how each adjustment of the bike affects your position in real time.  We also use Computrainer stationary trainers and spin scan software to check how efficiently you are pedaling throughout the fitting process. But it’s important to note that it’s the fit process and collaboration of the rider and the fitter, not the fit tools that ultimately achieve the right result. While we love technology, technology alone is a poor substitute for experience.


As we look forward to the next decade of bike fitting we are excited about the advancements that will certainly come about.  But we are most excited about the relationships that we have built, and the opportunity to get more riders dialed on their bikes.

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