Get the Right Bike – All-Terrain Hybrids


If you’ve walked into a bike shop in the past few years, you’ve likely been overwhelmed with the amount of choices available in bikes. While it may seem confusing, the wide array of bikes gives you, the rider, the option to pick the perfect bike for your riding style.

At Erik’s we always start the process of selecting a new bike with a conversation regarding how you might like to ride. Your experience level, motivations for riding, along with your goals and aspirations make up a large part of how to select your bike.

  • Where do you ride?
  • With whom do you ride?
  • How often do you ride?
  • Why do you ride?
  • We also want to know your aspirations – where do you want your bike to take you in the future?

These are some of the questions we ask in this conversation, and the answers are different for nearly every rider. One bike that we believe is an excellent fit for a wide variety of styles is an all-terrain hybrid from Specialized called the Crosstrail in the Men’s version and Ariel as a Women’s version. Built as a “go anywhere” bike, the Crosstrail and Ariel meet the demands of a rider who would like a mountain bike with road tires. Whether on dirt trails near home or a long road ride on a weekend, these bikes are built for the typical rider. The Crosstrail/Ariel is also a great commuter bike around these parts with rack mounts so you can carry a load to and from the office or running errands around town.

These all-terrain hybrids are sort of the crossover SUV of bikes. They’re not built for screaming down the side of mountains like mountain bike, but they’re right at home getting a little dust and dirt on the tires. With a comfortable tire that still rolls smooth on the road, the Ariel/Crosstrail will take you where your adventurous spirit leads. At Erik’s we find a lot of riders who typically ride their neighborhood streets and paths, often towing kids in a trailer, but sometimes a weekend up north or camping trips and exploration are on the schedule. This is a great way to ride, and the Crosstrail/Ariel will do either great.

Built on an aluminum frame with front suspension to smooth out the road or path you travel on, the Ariel/Crosstrail is lightweight and maneuverable. Riders can choose from versions spec’ed with rim brakes or disc brakes for even better stopping power. The Ariel is notable because it’s built around women’s specific design, meaning that the frame is designed with a women’s height and reach as well as being built with parts that are shaped for a woman such as seat, grips and suspension fork. Ride comfortable, ride safe, ride happy!IMG_5965.jpg

So this summer, have an adventure on a new bike! Whether you commute, ride for fitness, for fun, or to get the family out, Erik’s experts will get you set with the bikes and gear you need to ride happy and safe.

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