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Specialized Turbo - Makes any ride Super

This week, Erik’s staff went to Denver for the launch of Specialized’s new electric bike (eBike) offering, the Turbo. Aside from being tons of fun, the purpose of the Denver trip was to learn just how different this eBike is. In Specialized’s words, the goal was to create “a speed focused, high-tech urban bike that looks and performs like a fast bike should… and just happens to have a motor!” In the words of JJ, Erik’s Technical Sales and Service Trainer, “…it handles like a bike allowing me to navigate through traffic [while] passing cars.” The aim of the Turbo is to be different than other eBikes on the market – with speed, efficiency and style rolled into one.

So why are we so excited about an eBike? Many of us would love to park the car and ride to work but for various reasons it doesn’t fit in our schedule. Other riders love getting out but may have physical issues that prevent them from riding as fast as they would like to keep up with others (prostheses, asthma, fitness level).  An eBike like the Turbo is a great answer for these reasons and more. With a top speed of 28 MPH, commuters can come into the office fresh and ready for the day, saving the workout for on the ride home. If you just need a boost to keep up with other riders, the Turbo’s pedal assist motor means less effort to achieve a given speed – you work less to keep up! Run time is 1 hour on full power mode, but when used in assist mode, mileage and time can be varied. The Turbo even has a regeneration mode that allows you to recover some of the energy back to the battery.

Erik's Staff navigates Denver's roads on the new Turbo from Specialized

Erik’s Staff navigates Denver’s roads on the new Turbo from Specialized

You’ve probably noticed the capes by now. Even though we’re “adults”, no one complains about feeling like they’ve got super powers. Riding the Turbo in Denver, Erik’s staff had bike super powers. JJ said, “I do not remember ever hearing the motor, giving me the sense of still riding a bicycle. I really wanted to keep riding it and explore the rest of the city!” If you’re still skeptical about e-bikes, wait until you see the Turbo – they should be arriving in the next couple weeks. In the meantime we’d like to leave you with more pictures of people in capes.

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