Fit-Friday – Getting Ready for a Big Ride – MS150

We’re back! Things have been busy with creating our new FIT web page featuring some great videos that we hope will better explain what a fit can do for you. This time of year is also a busy one in the bike shop, especially with many people gearing up and getting ready for some of the big event rides of the season.
With just a couple of weeks before the MS 150 and you have had your bike tuned up, and hopefully you have ridden enough miles so that your legs are ready,  but are you feeling comfortable during and after your training rides

This year we are excited that our TruFit staff will be at the MS 150 offering complimentary fit assessments.
Stop by the Erik’s Tent before the ride on Friday, or after the first day on Saturday, one of our certified Fit Technicians will take a look at your position, we’ll possibly make small changes that we would feel would improve your comfort for the ride, and we’ll give you some fit considerations to look into further after the big ride.  We understand that the day before, or during a big ride is not the right time to do major changes, but If we see something that would really help your experience in the future we’ll let you know, and if everything looks great we’ll let you know that too.

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