Erik’s Commuter Challenge – Electric bike versus other modes.

We’ve been working on a project here at Erik’s. We love riding bikes, and we all love going fast – so it was a no-brainer when we received the new Specialized Turbo that we needed to put it to the test. To see how it fared against other ways of getting to work, we decided to go from Excelsior, Minnesota (a Twin Cities Suburb), to downtown Minneapolis and finish at Target field. Four people and vehicles took part including a Car, Motorcycle, Gas Scooter, and of course, the Turbo E-Bike. We didn’t want this to be race (which would be hard given the nature of those involved), so we made the rules of following the most logical route, obeying posted speed limits as well as traffic laws, and keeping it relaxed. After a coffee stop, our participants rolled out at 8:00 AM on the dot. Watch the video to see what followed.

Another real world review of the Turbo worth looking at comes from the folks at Whiteboard Product Solution – we recommend you check it out too here!

How was your commute today?

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