Fit for how YOU ride? – Fit Friday

One key element that we take into consideration with every bike fit is how you actually ride your bike, no matter the style of bike it is. During a recent conversation I had with a rider at the MS 150 we spoke about how a bike that was fit well, could still be uncomfortable.

So the story goes, Dan was riding his racy new road bike with his girlfriend at the MS 150, the trouble is that Dan and Sara generally ride at two different paces. Wanting to be a good guy Dan rode at Sara’s pace, and at 30 miles in his neck and shoulders were killing him.  At the half way point Dan decided to speed ahead and meet Sara at the finish. Interestingly enough during the second half of the ride Dan was completely comfortable.

Picture yourself on a balloon tire cruiser, the position you sit when riding it and the ideal speed, now picture yourself on a triathlon bike, the posture, and how that would translate into speed. For many of us the ideal is somewhere in the middle, and our posture needs to support our level of exertion our physicality and the style and way we pedal.

This is not to say a bike fit is specific to only one style of riding, but rather if all the ways we ride our bikes are carefully considered during a fit we can help to dial in a position that will work well over the entire range. However we can also dial your position to the razors edge to eek out every watt of energy you have. Knowing how you ride and what your goals are is key to getting the most out of your bike fit.

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