Race Report – Lutsen 99er

This past weekend, Erik’s mechanics were on site at the Lutsen 99er, held at Lutsen Mountains on the North Shore of Minnesota. Dave Seifert, Merchandising Coordinator with Erik’s completed the 99er and shared this story and pictures with the rest of us. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the things Dave carries with him on an event like this. Stay tuned for the whole story!


The MN North Country has a mystique and lore that can be traced back through story and song. Generations have trapped, fished, mined, homesteaded, explored and preserved the beautiful forests, lakes and rivers that make up this unique geological environment. I am always excited to leave the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities and escape into the wilderness. Especially for a weekend filled with mountain biking, camping, and fly-fishing.

Embarking on an epic excursion like the 99er one has to prepare mentally and pack appropriately to ensure a successful ride. I had not experienced this particular course but have carved out plenty of experience in the mountain biking scene over the years. 24, 12, and 6-hour endurance races as well as MNMBS and WORS series races have filled my summers of past. This accumulation of knowledge based upon trial and error (flats, broken chains, torn tire sidewalls, etc) has given me insight on how unforgiving and unpredictable this type of racing can be. I took inventory on multiple occasions prior to my Northward departure. Below is a list of items I packed:

(1) Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29er With 29 inch wheels and adaptive suspension, the epic is great for long stints in the saddle

(1) Specialized Prevail Helmet lightweight and well vented, the prevail doesn’t skimp on features

(1) Camelback Rogue, 70 oz bladderWe recommend a hydration pack every time you ride, but especially when you don’t know how soon water will come.

(1) 24oz Water Bottle

(1) Saddle Bag

(1) Park Tool GP-2 Patch Kit

(2) Park Tool TB-2 Tire BootA tire boot is a great piece of insurance on any trail

(1) Specialized EMT Comp Multitool

(1) Specialized Pro Co2 Inflator

(2) Specialized 16g Co2 Canisters

(1) SRAM Powerlink Chain Connector

(1) 29” Specialized Inner Tube

(6) GU Gel Packets (Assorted Flavors)

(4) Honey Stinger Energy Chews

(2) Honey Stinger Waffles

(1) Honey Stinger Protein Bar

(1) Clif Bar

(1) Banana

(1) Banana – Peanut Butter – Jelly – Sticky Rice – Corn Tortilla Wrap

Tomorrow we’ll catch up with Dave’s race report, but consider the above as a good guideline of prepping for a long event. Whether its a Gran Fondo, Chequamegon, Leadville or another big race, you’ve likely put in the training miles, so making sure your gear is in order is key.

we want to know – how do you prepare for a big race? Is there anything you always make sure to pack?

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