Coming Soon to Erik’s – Cogburn Outdoors Fat Bikes

Forage, fish, hunt, explore. Erik’s is excited to announce that we will be adding fat bikes from Cogburn Outdoors to our current fat bike lineup. Whether you’re looking to explore a quiet trout stream, escape to a treestand, or silently riding a trail in the woods, the CB4 from Cogburn is a new envisioning of a fat bike.

The CB4 will is an aluminum frame, available in two sizes, and allows for extra standover clearance. The frame is also unique because its finish is a camouflage dipped with RealTree Xtra® finish, and all the components are a matt blacke anodizing for no glare in the field.




We’ll keep you posted as we receive CB4s in store. If you love the outdoors and like the idea of getting to new places, consider the CB4 from Cogburn. All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) aren’t allowed everywhere, and going by bike is a great way to get in the woods where others cannot go. With 4 inch wide tires, you’ve got a sure-footed machine to take you on the road less traveled.

The other exciting innovation available from Cogburn Outdoors is the Gear Carrier. What looks like a simple tool carrier, is really a flexible carrying device for whatever bulky item you need to haul. Bows, fishing rods, rifle, shotguns are all fair game with the Gear Carrier.


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