Erik’s Regional Race Team Report – Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Erik's Regional Race Team member Andrew Hellpap on the Time Trial.

Erik’s Regional Race Team member Andrew Hellpap on his Specialized Venge semis it during  the Time Trial.


What a weekend! Great weather in Minnesota and Wisconsin means the start of many people’s cycling season, but for Erik’s Regional Race Team, the season is already going strong. Ben Schinke submitted this report from the weekend. Take a look:

Circuit race, started off with Dan Casper trying a couple digs but really overall nothing too eventful as the whole pack stayed together for most of the race. Brady showed he was definitely back with picking up the most intermediate sprint points on each lap. Then in the last lap a Hollywood ride went off the front so we jumped in as a team and helped Revolution bring it all back together by the headwind section where then the sprinters all went to work again in the uphill into the wind almost slow motion sprint with Laszlo finishing it off nicely for us.

TT [Time Trial] – we then all took to the TT and everyone had really respectably good times, and sorry you will have to check results for details on this

RR [Road Race] – going into this we knew Las was in second and that Dan from Revolution was in first so we knew Las had to mark Dan to be sure he was with him when he went as we all knew he would. He jumped a few times and each time an Erik’s ride with him, and then finally the jump that broke away MIchael followed even after being away for some of the first lap to be sure we did not do any work, and then Las also jumped and Michael came back to the group the break of 5 was up the rode and gone. Dan Attacked the break more times than humanly possible but again Las was able to hang on for 2nd. The rest of us brought home the field sprint.

Crit- Just Las and I this time and he was still in second and needed the prime bonus points and to come in at least 2 places in front of Dan to take the overall. I did my best to chase what jumped but kind of screwed up and let two guys off. Did what I could to pull them back, but the Flanders army did not seem to want to help. Las still got a few bonus point in each sprint and one point i threw as much as I had left as we had the break back to within 15 seconds. In the end we were never able to pull them back and in the finish Dan showed just how strong he was to take the field sprint for 3rd. So finished the weekend with a 2nd overall.

The Erik’s Regional Race Team (ERRT) is in its second season, and races across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Team members race on the 2014 Specialized Venge Pro. Are you interested in racing? If you’re not sure how to get started, post a question here and we’ll get it answered!


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