How to: Warm up for a race


With race season peaking this month, the Erik’s Regional Racing team found themselves at the Giro de Grafton as part of the Tour of America’s Dairy Land racing series in Wisconsin. While adequate rest, nutrition, and gear are all obvious essentials to having a successful race, when race day rolls around, their focus shifts to their warm-up routines.

Warm up routines can vary greatly depending on the cyclist’s age, experience, race distance, and even the weather (higher temperatures facilitate muscular warm up faster than colder temperatures), but the basic components stay the same.

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Components of a warm up:

  • Spin at a faster cadence for 10-15 minutes
  • 2-5 minute intervals with 2-4 minute rests in between

For the best results, experiment with effort levels during your intervals, pedaling with one leg at a time, using rollers or rear wheel trainers, and wrapping up your warm up 5-15 minutes before the race.


Interested in racing?

If you’re interested in trying racing out, we recommend starting with Erik’s Riders Club, as riding in a group builds great skills you will need if you decide to take the leap to racing, and while not every ride is race oriented, you’re sure to find a ride that can challenge you and help you develop cycling skills. If you’re a woman interested in racing, consider our Women’s Racing Program. For information on either of these programs, check out the links above.

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