Burton Gore-Tex Gloves and Mittens – the best in warmth and waterproofing.

Gloves and mittens are one of those pieces skiers and snowboarders often overlook – you probably picked the perfect jacket and made sure it looked good/worked well with your pants. Being comfortable (warm and dry) means the difference between enjoying a great day on the hill or mountain versus tucking your tail and heading back home a wet mess. We always recommend a good pair of gloves or mittens and we’ll go so far to say that two pairs is a must for any serious skier or boarder. Between working zippers, holding poles or strapping into snowboard bindings and all the things you do with your hands, they have to work all the time. Even better if a you can work a camera, your phone or open a package of food so you can refuel without taking off your gloves.

Mittens or Gloves?

Everyone has a say in this debate. Gloves give you the best dexterity and are great for people who like to express themselves with more than a thumbs up sign after a great run, but on the coldest days they can leave some people cold. Mittens are the warmest option and give the best high-fives, but to work with a phone or camera, they can be a little tricky. We like having both kinds in our arsenal because conditions can change and a spare set of gloves is always a good thing.

Burton/Gore Tex – names to count on.

2015 Gore Tex Mitt from Burton

2015 Gore Tex Mitt from Burton

2015 Gore Tex Men's Glove from Burton

2015 Gore Tex Men’s Glove from Burton

2015 Burton Gore Tex Mitt (Women's)

2015 Burton Gore Tex Mitt (Women’s)

Burton makes some of the best mittens and gloves for snowboarding; so good that many skiers use them, and that’s totally cool by us. Gore Tex is renowned for its waterproof properties while still being breathable so you can sweat in Burton Gore Tex gear all day long and still be comfortable. All of the gloves and mitts in the Gore Tex collection are two piece with a four-way stretch liner (removable) and a waterproof/breathable outer shell meaning you can use each on their own or as a system for whatever the conditions call for. With features like Screen Grab palms, you can operate a phone or smart device without taking off your mitts, and with Sticky Icky Grip Palms, its not easy to drop your phone from the chairlift.

When the day is over, just pull the liners out of the Gore Tex shell and let your gloves or mittens dry out for another epic day of riding. Build to be warm with Thermacore insulation and tough with a synthetic leather palm, you can ride all day long with Burton Gloves or Mittens. Click on an image above to go to a specific style, or see them all at the collection link to the left.


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