The Fastest Bike in the World: Specialized Venge ViAS


2016 Venge ViAS Pro

The fastest bike in the world is here: the Specialized Venge ViAS. With over 1000 hours of time spent designing, refining and testing in their very own “Win-Tunnel”, Specialized reached their goal of making the fastest bike in the world.

Roval CL 64

Roval CL 64

Helping to add some of the speed, the Venge ViAS is paired nicely with the Roval CL 64 wheelset, some of the fastest wheels ever made.


Front Brake

As a result of many hours testing and designing in the wind tunnel, Specialized came up with a few changes to help with aerodynamic drag. One of the major changes was to the front and rear braking systems. Specialized tested the flex of the wheel and frame to determine where the most movement occurred. With these results along with the results from the wind tunnel, Specialized was able to design their proprietary braking system and determine the best placement that would reduce both aerodynamic drag and brake rub.


Another area of aerodynamic change was made to the handle bars and stem.  After many months of prototyping, designing and testing this is the combination that came of their results; the “Aerofly” cockpit. This sleek design also internally houses all the cables through the handlebars, stem and headset to their respective places; leaving nothing exposed.


The Venge ViAS comes in two levels, the S-Works Venge ViAS Di2 and the Venge ViAS Pro. Below is the spec list for each model.

S-Works Venge ViAS Di2 Specs

SW Venge ViAS Specs

Venge ViAS Pro

Venge ViAS Pro Specs

Come test one out today at any of our Minnesota or Wisconsin locations.

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