The perfect fall/winter cycling boots for your riding – 45NRTH Japanther, Wölvhammer and Wølfgar

Whether you’re looking for a winter biking shoe to commute, race or play in, the best winter biking shoe is the one that keeps you riding even when the temperatures plunge and the snow flies.  Regardless of your needs, 45NRTH has a shoe for you: The Wølfgar, Wölvhammer or the Japanther.

45NRTH is serious about winter riding and their entire product line is oriented towards keeping you outside. They accomplished this goal by using the newest technology and materials to keep you warm and dry. Each of 45NRTH shoe is geared toward a particular rider.

NOTE: 45NRTH footwear is extremely good – and as a result, extremely popular. Anticipated delivery on the new Wølfgar is currently January 2016, but you can pre-order and reserve a pair today. The Wölvhammer and Japanther are expected October 2015 and can also be pre-ordered.


Starting with their newest shoe, the Japanther brings sleek looks and killer technology to create the perfect shoe for the cyclocross racer or the all-weather commuter.

The sleek new Japanther from 45NRTH

The Japanther is a waterproof shoe designed for riders looking to ride during the cool, wet months but generally not when the snow is piled up. The Japanther uses a membrane that contains tiny pores that are smaller than water molecules but larger than vapor molecules; this technology allows your feet to breath while also keeping them dry. Reflective accents provide visibility while a velcro ankle wrap helps provide stability with the added benefit of keeping your laces out of slush and mud. Inside the Japanther you’ll find a wool insole with aluminum to keep radiant heat in the shoe where it belongs

SPD-compatible and enhanced traction give the Japanther its claws.

For those frosty mornings when slips and slides are common, the sole of the Japanther features their Anti-Slip Microglass Rubber. This contains microscopic glass fibers to create friction between the ground and your soles, creating a better grip..


For those riders committed to riding through the snows of winter, the Wölvhammer is an essential addition to your footwear collection.

The choice of intrepid commuters and dedicated fat bikers: The Wölvhammer.

45NRTH’s original winter biking shoe, the Wölvhammer, has been updated for 2016 with some impressive new technology while keeping the core qualities of the boot unchanged.  Simplifying the lacing system and adding a gusseted tongue to help keep water out, the Wölvhammer draws on mountaineering and snowboarding boot designs. With 200g of Primaloft insulation and aerogel insoles the Wölvhammer is sure to keep your little piggies toasty in even the most extreme conditions. For those looking to compare models; the Wölvhammer is best in temperatures between 0°F-25°F while the Japanther is best for 25°F-40°F temperatures.

The Aerogel insulated insoles use NASA technology. Areogel has the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid and is used to insulate equipment on space suits and keep the astronauts comfortable. Aerogel is not dependent on loft like down insulation and is not compressible, so a thin layer is all you need to keep warm. By using Vibram natural rubber on the outer sole, 45NRTH ensures that their soles will stay flexible even in subzero conditions.


But for those looking to ride regardless of the conditions or even for those looking to go on a hunting expedition for the Abominable Snowman; the new Wølfgar is the winter biking boot for you.

The extreme winter biking boot: The Wolfgar

The Wølfgar features a removable 4mm wool liner, allowing you to swap out liners during longer rides or multi-day excursions. With 400g of insulation the Wølfgar has twice the insulation of the Wölvhammer, allowing you to stay warm in subzero temperatures. Finally, instead of just an aerogel liner, the Wølfgar’s entire toe box is lined with aerogel, offering insulation around almost the entire foot.

Carbon fiber and carbide studs make the Wolfgar a lightweight that punches like a heavyweight.

The sole of the Wølfgar is packed with technology; from the ultralight, ultra-strong, non-heat conducting carbon fiber shank and heel cup, to the Vibram real rubber sole that can accept carbide studs for improved traction. These are the same studs used in 45NRTH’s impressive winter tires. The studs simply screw into the bottom of the shoe sole to provide excellent grip in the slickest conditions.

However long you’re looking to ride this winter, 45NRTH has a shoe for you.

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