Riprock and Roll


Kids these days get all the fun toys. Plus size tires on adult bikes are making ground with intermediate and beginner riders. So it seems only fitting that plus size tires would now be incorporated on kids bikes. The Specalized Riprock is the first of it’s kind kids bikes with plus size tires. Rolling in with a 2.8 inch wide Big Roller tire, this bike is offered in both 24″ and 20″ wheel diameters.


The wider tire provides a larger contact patch which benefits you with better traction, more stability and better stopping power. The Riprock also comes equipped with disc brakes and a front suspension fork.


Now kids can bike anywhere and mow over obstacles with ease. The Riprock is sure to boost rider’s confidence and adventure.


The Riprock is in stores now, so stop by any of our Minnesota or Wisconsin locations and test one out today.

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