Cobrafist – the winter riding solution

Now that winter has finally gotten to the Midwest it’s time to hit the snow-covered trails and have some fun! As anyone who’s ridden when the mercury is low can attest to – frozen hands are seemingly unavoidable but mittens and gloves are bulky and interfere with shifting and braking.

45NRTH has the solution: the Cobrafist pogie.


sooooo warm!

The Corbafist from 45NRTH

CobraFists are pogies, which are essential enormous mittens that enclose your shift/brake clusters on your handlebars and create a warm, microclimate for your hands! (For those of you wondering, the name pogie comes from the purported inventor of this winter accessory who originally made them for kayaking back in the 70s and wanted a ridiculous name so he settled on the name of a bait fish…) With a pair of pogies installed you can ride with only lightweight liner gloves and still have a warm, dry enclosure. Plus it can keep your shifters and brakes from freezing up!

If you aren’t familiar with 45NRTH, they make serious winter cycling apparel and accessories and the 45NRTH Cobrafists are as serious as they come. Made with PrimaLoft’s highest rated synthetic insulation, the Eco Gold is made from at least 60% recycled fibers. Originally designed for the U.S. Army, PrimaLoft insulation is now used by many high-end companies  looking for superior insulation. Unlike traditional down insulation, PrimaLoft continues to insulate even when wet.

Plus zippered openings for circulation!

A 600D nylon shell protects 400gm of PrimaLoft Eco Gold insulation.

The Cobrafists protect this insulation by wrapping it in a shell of very tough 600D nylon. Additionally the pogies make use of two zippered vents when your mitts get a little too toasty. There’s even an inner pocket to store nutrition for easy access when you’re riding!

Good for any fear bar setup 650mm and wider the Cobrafists attach through a bar-end mount and have elastic drawstring closures for optimum warmth retention.

Strike fear into Old Man Winter with 45NRTH’s overbuilt winter riding pogies.


Get out there and ride!

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