Scott Team Issue Ski Poles

Scott has come out with one of the best all-around downhill ski poles, the Team Issue Ski Pole. This pole is tough on the hills but easy on the wallet. The Team Issue Ski Pole is packed with great technology that is sure to show when you are out on the slopes.


This sleek looking pole is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The S4 Aluminum is the strongest commercially available aluminum and rates up to 75,000 PSI. Attached to the top of this strong aluminum shaft is the anatomically engineered Notch Strike Grip. This grip is soft, lightweight and streamlined for proper wrist movement. So you can nail textbook perfect downhill tucks and grabs. The grip also contains their Lite Straps, for lightweight comfort and function.


The Scott Team Issue Ski Pole comes with a 3.6 disc basket that is designed to blend aerodynamic efficiency and durability. It is tipped with a Carbon Diamond tip that can withstand some of the harshest abuse. So if you are looking for a well designed pole that will last this season and the next, the Scott Team Issue Ski Pole is for you.

Stop by any of our Minnesota or Wisconsin locations to pick one up today or check them out online at


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