45NRTH Dillingers

Looking to keep riding as the mercury plummets? Subzero temperatures and icy conditions are no match for the serious traction and control of 45NRTH’s studded fat bike tire: the Dillinger.


Up close and personal with the star of the show: these carbide tipped studs are replaceable and self-sharpening

45NRTH wrote the book on cold-weather cycling and the Dillinger adds a new chapter to that already impressive tome.

The Dillinger boasts 240 carbide-tipped, replaceable studs that feature a concave (read: indented) surface.  Why is that a big deal?  The concavity means that these studs are self-sharpening; as material is worn away on the edge the cutting area remains sharp, ensuring great traction through the life of the tire.

Furthermore, the studs are grouped towards on the edges of the tread pattern where the tread spacing is wider, giving you the grippiest grip through the trickiest switchbacks. While in the center of the tire the treads are more tightly packed to ensure speedy descents and clean lines all the way down.


Closely packed center treads and studs on the edge give the Dillinger grip and speed at the same time!

45 NRTH offers two versions of the Dillinger; the 4 and the 5, named for their respective widths. The Dillinger 4 is available in a foldable, ultralight 120 threads per inch (also known as TPI, which is a measure of the number of threads impregnated into the rubber of the tire. More threads means higher flexibility but also, generally, a higher price tag.) and a more economical wire-bead 33 TPI tire. The 33 TPI tire swaps out the aluminum concave studs for a two-piece steel construction – saving you money without sacrificing traction! The Dillinger 5 has over 250 studs and is only available in the 120 TPI model. The Dillinger 4 is available in a stud-less option as well.

All that traction does come with a trade-off: weight. The Dillingers weigh in around 1,400 grams without the studs. When you consider that this tire offers way more control on ice and hard pack than anything else out there though that weight is a pretty fair trade-off for the traction in my book. So, if you’re looking to keep riding through the nastiest parts of winter, stop by your local ERIK’S and check out the Dillinger from 45 NRTH.


Now get out there and ride!



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