2016 SIA Snow Show Overview

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) had their annual Snow Show last week in Denver, CO. The Snow Show is open to dealers of snow sports equipment. This year ERIK’S sent a couple of our snow sports experts and enthusiasts to the show to check out what is new and exciting for the 2017 snow sport industry. Here is what we learned.



We know that shaped snowboards are nothing new, original snowboard designs were done in fun surfboard like shapes. And over the years manufacturers have brought back the old original snowboard shape styles. But new shapes are starting to emerge and some of these shapes aren’t just for fun design. Many new shapes are done for functionality.


2016 K2 Carve Air with “Volume Shift” design

This year K2 came out with their “volume shift” design. The “volume shift” boards are going to be shorter and wider. The extra width helps with toe drag and shorter length makes the board easier to push around. These are going to have the same amount of surface area, but just shifted to different areas of the board. Some may argue that a wider board is going to be slow, but the shorter length is going to make the board more responsive and playful. For 2017 you will notice this new “volume shift” design through other snowboard brands. So if you are looking for a board that floats on powder and whips on groomers, then check out the “volume shift” designs by K2, Ride, Lib Tech and Capita.

Ride Helix with Asym profile (Picture from 2016 SIA)

Ride Helix with Asym profile (Picture from 2016 SIA)

Another fun and functional snowboard shape is the Asymmetric or Asym profile. This design is not completely new for 2017, but other brands like GNU are jumping on the band wagon with Asym profiles. Asym profiles are going to give you better heelside control and give you better balance in turns. These designs may look aggressive, but after demoing these products our team of experts found that the Asym profile is actually fun and easy to ride.


As snowboards are getting wider, downhill skis are getting narrower. Over the years downhills ski manufacturers have been designing their skis with a wider profile to help add float to the ski. But some downhill skis got so wide that it made carving and setting an edge more difficult. So for the 2017 season you will notice more narrow skis. A good rule of thumb is if your aren’t riding in 2 feet of fresh powder then you don’t need a ski wider than 110mm under foot.

Trending Graphics

While at the SIA Snow Show our team started to notice some trending graphics for 2017. As strange cat t-shirts are all the rage for normal day to day wear, it seems that trend is making it’s way to the snowboard industry. Not only are the snowboard graphics coming out with more cat designs, but there was even some snowboarding apparel sporting the cat graphics.

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As the cat designs start to take over the snowboard world, it also seems to be creeping into the bike industry as well. We at ERIK’S have been hard at work designing a new bike jersey for the 2016 season. Here is a little sneak peek at what’s to come.


It is always exciting to see the latest technology and trends at SIA. Not only are we super psyched to be carrying products like these – we actually ride these products. At ERIK’S we are just as passionate about skiing and snowboarding as you are. Expect to see awesome products like these at your local ERIK’S or at shopERIKS.com in plenty of time for the next season.

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ERIK’S Snow Equipment Product Manager, Andrew Pettis, demoing a new Capita board.


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