What the Heck is an E-bike?

E-bike, electric bike, pedal assist or power-on-demand, all terms that you may have heard here and there in the biking world. Well what the heck are these bikes and why would you want one? Why not just buy a scooter or moped? Well, let me help you answer these questions.


Specialized Turbo S

What the heck is an E-bike?

E-bike stands for electric bike, meaning that the bike has an electric motor and a battery. Other terms that you may have heard in correlation to E-bikes are pedal assist and power-on-demand. Pedal assist means that the E-bike assists while you pedal. The power is applied based on the pedaling. There is no throttle on this type of E-bike. You still have to pedal, it just makes your pedaling a little easier. The other type of E-bike is power-on-demand. With power-on-demand there is a throttle the rider uses to power the motor. At ERIK’S we stock both types of E-bikes, but the majority of our E-bikes will be pedal assist.


Stromer ST2

Why would you want an E-Bike?

The most common users of E-bikes are commuters. E-bikes allow the rider to get to work quickly without breaking a sweat or make that 20+ mile commute a lot more doable. E-bikes are also useful for people who just want to go further and faster or use their bike as another means of transportation. These bikes can also  be great for people who just need a little extra assistance while biking. Maybe they have a health issue or limitation or maybe they are a couple who wants to bike together, but one is stronger than the other. The neat thing about E-bikes is that you can put them in different modes. So the stronger rider can be in a lower mode and the other rider can be in a higher mode. You both are putting in your personal amount of effort, but you are going the same speed. E-bikes can serve many needs and still allow for a good work out, if you choose.


Raleigh Detour

Why not just buy a scooter?

A common question that is often asked is “Why not not just buy a scooter or moped?” The answer to that is pretty simple: E-bikes are bicycles. They are perfect for anyone who loves biking, and the exercise of biking, but would like a little assistance. Plus they can go where ever bikes are permitted (bike trails, bike paths, streets). Scooters and mopeds aren’t allowed on bike paths. You also need to license scooters and mopeds, but you do not need to license E-bikes, nor do you need a special endorsement on your drivers license for an E-bike.


Izip Zuma E3

So if you are interested in E-bikes or even if you are skeptical of E-bikes, go into any of our ERIK’S locations and try one out today. We are sure that you will have a good time!

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