Above the Curve – The ElliptiGO Arc


ElliptiGO 8C

The ElliptiGO company was started by a desire to solve a problem. That problem being that there was no option for a low impact, running-like experience outdoors. For those that enjoy the workout of using elliptical machines, imagine being able to take that workout outdoors and get places using that same motion. That is what Bryan, co-founder of ElliptiGO, desired. ElliptiGo was started by Bryan, a former Marine and Ironman triathlete and his friend Brent, also an endurance athlete and mechanical engineer. About 10 years ago the two of them set out to accomplish their goal. That is how ElliptiGO was born.

Now a decade later, after tremendous success with their line of elliptical bikes, they continue to refine their product. This year ElliptiGO launched their newest model, the Arc. The Arc is designed to be more compact, light weight and easier on the wallet.

ElliptiGO Arc

ElliptiGO Arc

The ElliptiGO Arc has a light weight aluminum frame with 8 gears. So weather you want to cruise, sprint or climb, the Arc can do it all. Other ElliptiGO models, like the 8C pictured at the top, are equipped with a track system stride. The Arc uses a crank-rocker system. This system creates a smoother, circular stride that is similar to biking. This new stride design helps keep the bike in a more compact form for easier storage and transportation.

Arc Pedal

The Arc also makes customizing your experience easy with adjustable foot positioning and steer column. The steer column is also removable, making it easier to transport your bike.

So if you are looking for a low impact, running-like, outdoor activity, check out our models of ElliptiGO bikes at any of our ERIK’S locations.

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